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The Interview Make The World "Suck Less" - Intern With!

Imagine if your job title was, "Head of Fun"… Seriously, how COOL would that be?! is changing the internship game by giving interns awesome projects that change the world, one campaign at a time. Check out the exclusive interview with Katie Radford at NOW!"


The Internship Top 5 Los Angeles Internships!

Are you looking for an internship in the exciting, bustling city of LA? We have unique new opportunities going up ever day -- we've put together a list of the top 5 LA-based internships on our site this week. Apply NOW!


The Internship 6 Questions to Ask During a Mentorship Session

We held a mentorship/informational session for our interns last week. They had the opportunity to ask myself and my two employees (our Digital Marketing Manager and our Campus Programs Manager) two questions each. Here are some of our favorite questions that they asked:

  1. How did your college prepare you for your job today?
  2. How do you make the most out of any networking event...
The Internship 14 Ways to Stand Out Before the End of Your Summer Internship

Summer internship season is over in a few weeks and you want to make sure you leave the best impression. Read through my list of 14 tips to make sure you are a stand-out intern and will get nothing but glowing reviews from your internship coordinator!

  1. Complete Your Tasks 100% - Never  send an incomplete task back to your supervisor. Always ask yourself,...