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The Extra Activities How to Set Up Professional Email Signatures in College

Any time you correspond through email with a professional contact, you want that interaction to be the best it can possibly be. You want the contact to think, “Wow! This student really has their act together.” Any touch point you have with a professional contact is an opportunity for you to brand yourself – online or in-person. I got an email this week from a student who...

The Cover Letter How Do I Write a Cover Letter That’s Professional Yet Passionate?

You have a dream job or a dream internship – somewhere you’ve wanted to work forever OR somewhere you just stumbled upon but have convinced yourself is the PERFECT opportunity for you. How do you write a cover letter that expresses your passion for the opportunity but stays professional in tone?

I always compare this dilemma to my first experience writing a book. When I took my first...

The Internship 24 Fall Internships Still Hiring

Happy Thursday! I hope you’re all enjoying your week so far. This week we want to share with you all the 24 Fall internships that are still hiring. So, stop worrying about not having a fall internship and start applying to all the amazing opportunities below.

 Media internship at Tocquigny


The Extra Activities How to Handle Your First Apartment
This blog post was written by Alexis Vaughn our University of Illinois Campus Ambassador.

Sooner or later everyone reaches an age when it’s time to leave the nest. As much as some of us would like to spend our lives under the comfort and security of our parents, creating our own home is one of the first steps into...