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The Internship Summer 2015 Journalism Internships!

I know some of you have already made it through finals and are gearing up for that DREAM summer internship. Hooray! If you got a couple of “no’s,” that’s alright too. Remember: “No” doesn’t mean never - it just means not right now. In the meantime, there are still plenty of awesome companies in search of ambitious summer interns like you. Take a look...

The Interview How To Stand Out in A Group Interview or Casting Call Day

This is a guest blog post by Campus Ambassador Jade Carmosino.

Imagine this, you apply to your dream internship/job and about a week later you get an email from them. Yes! Your resume building, obsessing over your cover letter and working really hard in school has paid off and you’ve stood out in the pool of applicants! But wait a minute; the next step in the process is...

The Intern Queen Graduation Playlist

With everyone graduating we asked our Campus Ambassadors to submit their favorite graduation songs that they will have playing at their graduation parties. Below are the ones they chose:

  • "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons
  • "Welcome to New York" by Taylor Swift
  • "Shut up and...
The Resume 7 Tips for Creating a Rockstar Resume

Students send over their resumes so I can take a look and provide feedback almost daily. I don't always have time to do this for everyone, but I love to look over them when I can. I wanted to share some advice I gave a student recently about her resume. She was applying for a big internship in a city where she didn’t go to school. Review these tips and make sure you apply them to...