How to Have it All Starting in High School

This blog is written by Sammy Stavinoha, our Intern Queen High School Ambassador from Tivy High School. If you go to Tivy HS and want to blog for us, comment here

I feel as though there is this common misconception that a person can’t have it all. Almost like an unsaid maxim that a person can’t be smart and at the same time be the star quarterback, artist, or musician. Who says we can’t have it all? A huge struggle that I faced this year was wanting to have it all. I wanted to be in the top ten people of my class but still maintain a great social life. I wanted to have fun every weekend yet I wanted to make all A’s and get into the college of my dreams. This brings me to the unsaid maxim that a person can’t have it all. As my junior year unfolded I realized the key to my success in “having it all” was balance. I started becoming more of a planner. I would study insanely hard during the week for tests or projects that were coming up. I would make time on Saturdays to get a little homework done so I wouldn’t have such a huge load on Sunday. I cut down the hour I use to spend on Facebook every night and I watched TV less. Suddenly I had more time to spend studying during the week and more time to have a social life on the weekends. I began to realize what my priorities were; those hours spent on Facebook or watching TV suddenly seemed like such a waste of time.  Once I had my priorities right and my life balanced I felt like I really had it all. Of course the way I balanced my life may not work for everyone. Maybe watching TV or getting on Facebook is a priority for some people. In the end, a real sense of having it all depends on figuring out the priorities in life and making time to balance them.