DON'TS of All Internships

This is a guest blog from Taylor E., our Campus Ambassador at Ball State University.

For my last blog I shared with you all some major DOs of a Chicago internship, but there were several lessons learned the hard way unfortunately. So I thought I’d share some major DON’Ts with you in order to keep you from making silly mistakes and having the same misconceptions I had!

  1. Don’t expect a lot of praise: As an intern we don’t always receive the recognition that we feel we deserve, but that’s OK because no one else in the office is getting constant recognition either. The work place is a high energy, fast paced environment, and just because someone doesn’t recognize your hard work doesn’t mean they don’t notice it!
  2. Don’t make excuses: I definitely learned this lesson quickly. For my magazine internship this summer in Chicago myself and another intern were in charge of a TV segment for my editor and made some grammatical mistakes when typing it up. Luckily, she caught the mistakes before the segment, but we tried to explain ourselves and she wasn’t having it! She told us that there were no excuses basically. Always just accept responsibility for your mistakes and move forward. You will earn more respect that way as well.
  3. Don’t expect a ton of huge assignments: I went in thinking I would get a ton of writing experience as an editorial intern for a print magazine. However, most stories in print are written by freelancers; therefore, interns don’t get a ton of opportunities to work on big stories. However, I did get a ton of great opportunities to write for the web! So don’t get down if you don’t get to work on the big projects you had been hoping for, look to gain experience in all the other small tasks you are given! The more you prove yourself in small tasks, bigger tasks are often given to you!