The Importance of Having Good Study Habits

This is a post by Caitlin, our Campus Ambassador at The Catholic University of America. She is majoring in Media Studies with a Minor in Psychology and is a Sophomore.

Going to school is always stressful! It seems as though there are never enough hours in the day to finish all you work... not to mention that we all have classes. Sometimes if you don’t finish your work is turns into a vicious cycle that involves staying up all night, and having weird sleeping patterns. Here are some tips to help reduce your stress level during the week!

  1. Get a head start on your work. Personally I like to start doing my work for the week on Sunday, even if I just get a couple of assignments out of the way, it free’s up my week that way I am not constantly working. I also try to make sure that I go to sleep earlier on Sundays than any other night. Getting a full nights sleep starts the week of on a good note.
  2. Workout. Many college students worry about gaining weight while at school. Working out not only prevents this from happening, but it also increases your energy levels. Not only will you burn off some calories but it will help you to feel motivated to get some work done. Try to make working out fun, you could go with friends, or even take a class. Once you establish a healthy pattern of eating right and working out, it is easier to stick to, and it is even a good idea to have your friends have the same pattern so you keep each other motivated.
  3. The tough part about having such a busy schedule is finding the right balance between having fun, having quiet time, and having social time. If you stop and this about it, at school you are probably rarely alone. Having some alone time will allow you, to actually focus on yourself. Stepping out of the college lifestyle will be a breath of fresh air. Having social time is also very important, it is important to take breaks from work and hang out with your friends. The trick here is to not turn social time into procrastinating. Having fun is the most important aspect of college I think. It is important to not take things to seriously and to be able to let things go.
  4. Finally don’t stress, about being stressed out! If you get a bad grade it is important to just learn from it, and make sure to change your study habits. If you are feeling overwhelmed just remember to take things one step at a time, and just do the best that you can do.