ANOTHER New Campus Ambassador from UCLA!

This blog is written by our other new Campus Ambassador from UCLA, Sarah!

Hi, my name is Sarah Pontius and I am a freshman at UCLA studying Business-Economics with a double minor in Film and Spanish.  Passions of mine include serving the community by volunteering for Habitat for Humanity as well as being an active member of Invisible Children. Reading and writing are my other treasures as well as obsessively watching films. Also, I love running, playing soccer, and dancing to keep myself fit. My mother’s school is the only place I have interned (as of right now) and I value internships because you learn how a business, or a school in my case, runs and whether or not you would choose a career in that path. To me, internships are a learning experience with no consequences; only good things can come of that experience because even if you hated the job, that internship led you onto a path that you would choose as your career. You learn about your strengths and weaknesses and find what your true passions are. Students would read my column because in my group of friends, I’m “The Therapist;” this particular nickname originated from my friends always coming to me for advice on jobs, teachers, classes, etc. They gave me the nickname “The Therapist” and I was known for my “life guidance.” I love to give advice to people and help wherever I can, and that is why I think people would love to listen. Also, since I am a freshman coming from a small school, I could help other freshmen transition into their new school because it is a huge adjustment.