New Campus Ambassador from UCLA!

This is a blog from Catherine, our new Campus Ambassador from UCLA in California!

I am a current freshman at UCLA planning to graduate in 2015. I am an undeclared major as of now but have a strong interest in entertainment as well as helping others. While at UCLA, I am part of the Film & Photo Society, Sports & Entertainment Business Network, Random Acts of Kindness and have been on UCLA’s residential TV in a show. As a freshman in high school, I did online school in order to care for my grandparents but at the same time I became an affiliate marketer and created my own business and website and maintained it for two years. I learned so much through that experience and I know how valuable hands on learning is, so an internship is very intriguing and important to me. I think other people would like to hear my college experience because I have a very “real” life story, it wasn’t easy for me to get where I am, but I did it. I traveled across the country and as the baby of my entire family I had many challenges doing it, but I believe I’m an unique individual who others will respect for overcoming many hurdles and they will really be able to relate to me.