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The Extra Activities How to Find Balance During Midterms!

Finding the balance between academic excellence while maintaining your social life can be overwhelming for the average person. Adding a job, internship or athletics to all of that is impossible for some. Then there is you... You want to do it all.

While this is admirable, it is also...

The Extra Activities How to Move Up in the Real World!

You have an internship. You know that internships are crucial to creating and building your career. But what exactly do you do now to make the most of it?

From networking to maintaining relationships with important contacts, there...

The Extra Activities What are Your Plans this Winter Break? Israel, Anyone?

What are your plans this winter break?

Instead of taking classes or staying home this year, travel half way across the world! Our friends at Taglit-Birthright Israel have your back.

Let’s be serious, you’re probably familiar with “Birthright” and have at least 5 friends who’ve...

The Resume Is Your Resume Too 'Bare Bones'?

We are in between internship seasons right now – students have their fall internships and will start to look for spring internships early November. While we’re in the middle of “down time” take a second to review your resume. Lately, I’ve been looking at a lot of resumes (from extremely qualified students) that just feel a little “bare bones”. Here are...