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The Internship How to Stay Positive at Your Internship!

When you are an intern, you have to prove yourself. Having a negative attitude is a quick way to burn a bridge with a company and with several professional contacts. And to clarify, when I say bad attitude, I’m talking about students who come across as passive aggressive, annoyed, entitled, rude, ungrateful, or lazy. I’m talking about the students who make it tough for people to...

The Intern Queen Twitter Q&A Ep. 2

Hey Everyone! I hope you are all having an amazing Monday! I just posted a new video on my Youtube channel!

It is Episode #2 of my Twitter Q&A series! Go check it out!

I love doing these type of videos because I love answering all your career and internship questions!

I’m going to be filming another one very soon! Have questions for me? Leave a comment in the video...

The Internship Early Bird Summer Internships!

Happy Thursday Everyone! I hope you are all having a great week so far! We’re near the end of Spring internship recruiting season although there are still some companies that are looking to bring on interns! Click HERE to view the full list of Spring internships available. A lot...

The Internship My 5 Biggest Frustrations With Students Applying to Internships

For this blog, I think the title says it all. Students, I want to help you but sometimes you make it hard for me to help. Here are 5 ways you are making it hard for me to help you land the internship of your dreams. Remember, this is coming through as tough love from your biggest fan. I want you to succeed! Here we go:

1. Include a cover letter. Are you following up on...