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The Internship Top PR Internships This Week!


The Public Relations field is one of the most popular ones here at Since summer internship application season is in full swing if you are interested in PR below are all the PR opportunities you should apply for today! 

The Internship 12 Great Resources for Finding Scholarship Information!

We know that many internships are either low-paying or unpaid and the costs add up when you consider a summer internship away from where you live or go to school. We wanted to quickly round-up a few up-to-date resources that you can check out for your summer scholarship search. But hurry up! You have a lot of digging and applying to do!

• Don’t Forget Your Career...

The Internship 12 Healthy Snacks to Bring To Your Internship

Last week on our new site,, we did a really great blog on popular healthy snacks to bring to work. I thought this would be a great fit for as well since you can definitely bring these snacks to your internship. Check out our blog on 12 healthy snacks...

The Intern Queen 10 Great Resources for Building Your Online Portfolio

Several of you have emailed me and asked for tips and tools on how to create an online portfolio. Whether you’re looking for a new job in the advertising industry or applying for an advanced degree in strategic communications, a solid portfolio can help you stand out from the...