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The Intern Queen Music Monday: IQ Workout Mix

Happy #MusicMonday! Here at the Intern Queen, we feel it's important to fit in a regular exercise routine, even with a busy schedule! Check out my advice on how to get those workouts in and use this IQ Workout Mix to help motivate...

The Intern Queen Top 4 Perks of Working for the Intern Queen!

Every day, aspiring young professionals (like you!) come to Intern Queen Inc. to read important career advice, to see what lessons our Campus Ambassadors have to share, and to discover the coolest internship opportunities.

But have you ever wondered what it’s like to intern for Intern Queen. Inc, itself?

The Intern Queen Top 5 Marketing Internships NOW!

Looking for a marketing internship at an amazing company? Look no further! This week we are highlighting our top 5 marketing internships hiring NOW! After all, marketing is an ever-growing industry looking for top candidates, just like you!

1) Lionsgate: this leading independent film entertainment studio in...

The Interview What’s In My Interview Bag?

This blog post was written by Intern Queen Campus Ambassador Brianna Baker from Michigan State University.

The interview process can be intimidating, but if you begin to prepare a few days in advance you can make sure you are armed with the essentials.  I would never leave for an interview before doing my research, printing...