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The Job Tips to get your resume noticed!

This is a guest blogpost written by Anita Ginsburg. 

Job hunting is an extremely stressful time, whether you are currently employed or not. The issue is that for many people, resumes remain a source of confusion and concern. They are not sure how to present themselves so that they look their best, and some people do not understand how they can get their company'...

The Job 7 Habits You Should Adopt in Order to be Successful

This is written by guest blogger, Jenny Richards.

The world’s most successful people will tell you that their success had little to do with the education they got from school. In fact, some billionaires who exist today actually dropped out of school in order to pursue their dreams.

Success is about habit. It is about eliminating the negative things in your...

The Internship Don’t Leave a Job or Internship Interview Without Asking These 6 Questions

Happy Tuesday everyone! Shayna, our former campus programs manager, found a great blog on Refinery29 about the questions you must ask before leaving any job interview. Although, you can usually only get in 2-3 questions at the end of the interview – I think these are great questions to consider asking. My favorite question they suggest is, “Can you tell me the different between a...