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The Internship Internships you MUST apply for today!

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! This week I want to take some time to showcase some of the...

The Internship My Passport Made My Diploma More Valuable

This is a guest blog post written by Gisel Olivares, a student who interned abroad with PINC internships at Ebual√° media in Madrid.

"Coming back to the states I had a better vision of what it is I wanted to...

The Campus Ambassadors Announcing our NEW 2015-2016 Campus Ambassadors

After reading through many outstanding applications and talking to tons of talented students, I'm very excited to officially announce our new Campus Ambassadors! Welcome to the #InternQueenFamily!

Katheryn- Columbia College in Chicago

Katie- Kean University

Hannah- The Ohio State University

Jessica- Pace University

Jacqueline- Northern Arizona University

The Schedule 7 Things You Must Do Senior Year

This is a guest blog post by Anna Hicks.

As we wrap up our final year of college, there are many ‘last time’ utterances passing our lips. While this can be a bittersweet time of the year there are several things that every senior should consider and definitely complete throughout the year in order to prepare for those next steps ahead. It is important to keep in mind...