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The Extra Activities Intern Queen + Dell Announce Back to School Survey Results

We partnered with Dell on a really exciting survey for back-to-school that helped us uncover trends related to technology purchasing habits, career planning, and more! Check out this infographic that displays what we learned from over 600 students and nearly 100 parents!

The Internship Fall 2015 Virtual Internships

Happy Thursday everyone! This week has been a bit crazy and after our Intern Queen Parties it’s time to get back into the swing of things. As you know, every Thursday we like to highlight some awesome internship opportunities that are hiring! This week we wanted to focus on those internships that are virtual. A lot of students often tell me that they are unable to intern because of a...

The Extra Activities The Freshman Year Cheat Sheet
This blog post was written by Samantha Selvaggio who works at Nickelodeon.

Preparing for the road ahead stressed about the starting college in the fall? That’s totally normal as you’re diving head first...

The Internship Fall 2015 Social Media Internships

Happy Thursday, everyone! I hope you're all having a fantastic week. Here at the Intern Queen office we're having a really busy week preparing for our upcoming Intern Queen Parties, but we still wanted to highlight some awesome opportunities for you. This week we're sharing all of the social media...