Announcing The New Campus Ambassadors!

After going through lots of outstanding applications, we have selected the group of students who will join the Intern Queen team alongside our current Campus Ambassadors. There are 25 new Campus Ambassadors, and they come from all over!

Drumroll please...

Alexandra - University of Colorado
Alexis - Marquette University
Amanda - University of New Hampshire
Amber - University of Maryland
Austin - Chapman University
Beatrice - Rutgers University
Briana - Iona College
Daisha - Hampton University
Devin - Boston University
Jessica - University of Florida
Khani - University of Washington
Mallory - Fashion Institute of Technology
Marissa - California State University, Chico
Mary - University of South Carolina
Morgan - University of South Carolina
Nathaly - Fresno State University
Nicole - University of Central Florida
Paris - Howard University
Rachel - University of South Carolina
Rachel - Northwestern University
Samantha - University of Arizona
Sammi - University of Alabama
Slater - Northern University of Arizona
Stephanie - University of Kansas
Teresa - University of Arizona, Tuscon