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The Job New List! 25 Best Jobs in America

We love promoting all of the content on the best places to work in America. This week, they released the top 25 best jobs in America. Do any of these appeal to you? Check out the list HERE

The Intern Queen 5 Internships You Never Knew Existed!

This is written by guest blogger, Karleia Steiner.

When most people think of internships, they think of teens and early twenty-somethings spending time making copies and fetching coffee. The truth is that though some internships will offer you college credit and some networking skills, other internships will take you far, far off the beaten path. Check out six of the...

The Extra Activities Favorite Apps to Stay Productive

I was recently interviewed by Randi Zuckerberg. She asked me a ton of career and internship advice questions (typical). The interview went really well and I answered every question without much hesitation. The final question she asked me was, “What is your favorite app? What is the app you can’t live without?” I was silent. I...

The Extra Activities 5 Reasons To Attend a QS World Grad School Fair!

I get so many emails from students with questions about grad school: how to decide if they should go, where they can find more information, what they can do with a graduate degree, etc. I love it! That’s the kind of ambition that sets our #InternQueenFamily apart from other students. For some, a masters degree is necessary and for others it just gives them a leg up in their field....