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Win A Semester of Shoes!

Click here to enter in the contest to win a new pair of shoes for every weekend of the semester!

Represent Coca-Cola, Adobe or Bobble on Your Campus! Apply Now!

Hey, Intern Queen Readers! We are helping our friends recruit for some great CAMPUS REP positions at Adobe, Bobble and Coca-Cola. These are great opportunities to get career-related experiences and work with TOP brands!

Apply to be a brand ambassador for any of these companies HERE:

Ideal candidate criteria:

• Well-connected with student leaders, campus orgs, and the college community
• Outgoing, creative, and entrepreneurial

Quick Tips For High School Students

I’ve been bragging a lot about our brand new Intern Queen High School Ambassador Network , as these students are quite impressive. One of our high school students, Nazifa Hossain, is interning this summer with Galpin, a Southern California car dealership. She shared a few of her tips for fellow students and I compiled them here:

1. Keep your eyes and ears open. You never know when you will read on a school bulletin board about an internship or meet someone who might have an opportunity for you.