The Campus Ambassadors

Make Your Interviewer Say, “Wow!”

This blog was written by Saya, our UCF Intern Queen Campus Ambassador. Do you go to UCF and want to be involved? Comment on this blog post and Saya will be in touch!

The search is over and you have landed an interview with your dream internship! Congrats! Take a breath, but now the challenging part is just about to begin.

Create Your Personal Brand

This blog is written by Jessica, our ambassador from University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

An important thing for college students to think about is their personal brand. Having a strong personal brand is something that will separate you from your classmates after you graduate and begin looking for jobs. I originally heard of personal branding after I got my first internship at Weidert Group.

Three Fabulous Tips for Back to School

This blog is written by Melinda, our campus ambassador from Miami University!

Preparing for the newest semester, quarter, or trimester is one of the hardest things to do after taking a much needed break—especially after the holiday season.

Chin Up: A Guide to Pull-Ups

This blog was written by Catherine Bronzo, our Campus Ambassador at UCLA.

Did you know that the average man can only do one pull-up even when in great shape!? I didn't and quickly realized why!

As a goal for 2012, I want to be able to do thirty pull-ups consecutively.

New School Year, New You

This blog was written by Sarah Fitterer, our Campus Ambassador at the University of Missouri.

A new school semester is here! Keeping up with your work out routine might seem difficult at first, but you can manage it! Just get in a pattern to balance working out, classes and of course your internship.

Want to become an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador?

The Intern Queen Campus Ambassador program provides a forum for driven college students to express themselves through professional networking, personal development, blogging, and peer-to-peer connections. They actively promote the Intern Queen message on over 100 college campuses worldwide. These students are bright, ambitious, and the future leaders of our nation.

Confessions of a Vegetarian Intern

This blog is written by Hillary, our Campus Ambassador at Virginia Tech. She is studying Communications with a concentration in PR.

Interning while simultaneously maintaining a vegetarian diet can be difficult at times. How are you supposed to have time to prepare healthy AND vegetarian dishes and snacks, while constantly doing tasks for your internship?

Spruce Up that Drab Winter Outfit!

This blog is written by Victoria, our IQ Campus Ambassador from West Virginia University.

When there’s snow coating the ground and it’s freezing cold outside, the last thing I’m thinking about is being fashionable and cute when going to classes. Normally I’m a yoga pants and North Face kind of girl during the winter. However, dressing cute in the cold, sometimes unbearable, months doesn’t have to be hard!

How to Set Up a Semester of Success

This blog is written by our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Megan, from Champlain College. She rocks!