The Interview

How to Rock a Phone Interview

Internship season is in high gear and I know a lot of you are dealing with phone interviews; especially those of you who plan on going to another state or country for a summer internship. Here are some of my top tips to rock the phone interview:

1. Show the employee you can carry the conversation. Make sure you speak up, speak with confidence and show the employer they can put you on the phone with any important client -- and they wouldn’t be sorry.

14 Reasons Why You Didn't Get Hired

We’ve all been rejected from a job or an internship interview before. It hurts – we know. Here are 14 reasons why you may not have gotten the job.

1. You weren’t responsive to the email the interviewer sent out.
2. You took too long to respond to an email (more than 24 hours).
3. Your emails were taken as too casual, not professional enough.
4. You aren’t involved on campus. You don’t have a great on-campus network and aren’t involved in campus activities.
5. You don’t have enough leadership roles on your resume.

How to Determine Your List of Questions For Informational Interviews

Before going into an informational interview, you must be prepared. If an executive is willing to give you their time, you want to show them that you appreciate their time and you take the opportunity very seriously. Go into the meeting looking sharp, carrying a clean notebook and pen (not a crumpled up piece of paper), and armed with at least 10 questions. Most likely, you will be able to ask the employer at least 5 of your questions so have the questions listed out in your notebook in priority order.

6 Tips for Phone Interview Success

This is a guest post written by Intern Queen fall intern, Allison Goldstein.

Let’s state the obvious: a phone interview can be a fairly frightening experience. More likely than not, you’ll spend your final moments before the call pacing around the room, praying, mumbling encouraging words to yourself and maybe even performing some sort of interpretive dance-related ritual. Although I can’t say that I don’t do the same (no comment about the interpretive dance), I’ve come to find that I actually enjoy being interviewed over the phone.