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Are You Speaking Too Casually At Your Internship?

A former intern of mine shared an article from Elle Magazine about “girl speak” - AKA “casual speak”. Check out the article HERE because it’s a great read on what is professional and what isn’t professional to say at work.

14 Reasons Why You Didn't Get Hired

We’ve all been rejected from a job or an internship interview before. It hurts – we know. Here are 14 reasons why you may not have gotten the job.

1. You weren’t responsive to the email the interviewer sent out.
2. You took too long to respond to an email (more than 24 hours).
3. Your emails were taken as too casual, not professional enough.
4. You aren’t involved on campus. You don’t have a great on-campus network and aren’t involved in campus activities.
5. You don’t have enough leadership roles on your resume.