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Top 25 Companies that Promote Work-Life Balance

They say that our generation is more concerned with work-life balance than any other generation. It's simple -- we care about being happy at work and passionate about our work. just put out a great list of the top 25 places to work that promote work-life balance. Happy reading! Check out the list HERE.

Stay In Touch & Connected No Matter How Busy You Get

I had a great conversation with our former Intern Queen Ambassador from Providence College today. We were talking about her amazing new job and how she is staying on top of her work life and personal life. She shared some great information that I wanted to share with all of our Intern Queen readers.

25 Things That Textbooks Didn’t Teach Me

This blog post was written by Rachel Bergan, our Campus Ambassador — and recent graduate — from the University of South Carolina. You can follow Rachel on Twitter @rachel_bergan.