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The Internship I'm in High School But I Want an Internship!

Over the past year, we've seen a huge increase in high school students coming to our site. We're so exctied to have these ambitious young groups of people reading our content. We partnered with a great organization Smart Girls Group to do some more high school content. Please check out our most recent post about how to get an...

The Internship Reasons Why I Did Unpaid Internships

Another student emailed me after hearing me talk at her school. She wanted to know why I chose to do unpaid internships. Here are my thoughts:

1. I was after the experience. In college, I wanted extra money for expenses, food, and fun so I got a part-time job. In college, I also wanted great workplace experience, so I got an internship. The opportunity was unpaid but...

The Internship Internship Lessons from the Intern Queen

I spoke at LSU a few weeks ago for their regional PRSSA Conference. One of the students wrote this great blog post on what she learned from my presentation. I thought I'd share. Enjoy! Read the article here.

College How to Put Yourself Through College 101

I met a student at Michigan State University who shared her experience of financially putting herself through college. I encouraged her to write a guest blog on the subject as I think that's an issue some of our readers struggle with. Enjoy this guest post by Anita Chitwood from MSU.

From skipping class in a cheetah print vest to learning...