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The Internship Internship Lessons from the Intern Queen

I spoke at LSU a few weeks ago for their regional PRSSA Conference. One of the students wrote this great blog post on what she learned from my presentation. I thought I'd share. Enjoy! Read the article here.

College How to Put Yourself Through College 101

I met a student at Michigan State University who shared her experience of financially putting herself through college. I encouraged her to write a guest blog on the subject as I think that's an issue some of our readers struggle with. Enjoy this guest post by Anita Chitwood from MSU.

From skipping class in a cheetah print vest to learning...

The Interview How to Rock a Phone Interview

Internship season is in high gear and I know a lot of you are dealing with phone interviews; especially those of you who plan on going to another state or country for a summer internship. Here are some of my top tips to rock the phone interview:

1. Show the employee you can carry the conversation. Make sure you speak up, speak with confidence and show the employer...

The Internship Adult Interns Are Proving To Be Top Talent

A few years back we started hearing more and more about the adult internship. These are extremely popular for moms who have gone back to work and adults who have enrolled or re-enrolled in school. I read this really interesting article in AdAge written by an executive from Deutsch New York. It’s a very positive article on...