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The Internship 5 Quick Ways to Act More Responsibly Today

An internship is a great time to learn responsibility. Some of you have (or maybe have not) held part-time jobs or worked at your parent’s office up until this point. With an internship – comes a commitment and a responsibility. If you are nervous about the responsibility here are a few quick ways to show your supervisor you can handle it.

1. Be Accessible....

The Intern Queen 10 Great Resources for Building Your Online Portfolio

Several of you have emailed me and asked for tips and tools on how to create an online portfolio. Whether you’re looking for a new job in the advertising industry or applying for an advanced degree in strategic communications, a solid portfolio can help you stand out from the...

The Job 7 Habits You Should Adopt in Order to be Successful

This is written by guest blogger, Jenny Richards.

The world’s most successful people will tell you that their success had little to do with the education they got from school. In fact, some billionaires who exist today actually dropped out of school in order to pursue their dreams.

Success is about habit. It is about eliminating the negative things in your...

The Cover Letter How Do I Write a Cover Letter That’s Professional Yet Passionate?

You have a dream job or a dream internship – somewhere you’ve wanted to work forever OR somewhere you just stumbled upon but have convinced yourself is the PERFECT opportunity for you. How do you write a cover letter that expresses your passion for the opportunity but stays professional in tone?

I always compare this dilemma to my first experience writing a book. When I took my first...