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The Extra Activities 10 Things to Survive Studying Abroad

This is a guest blog post written by Washington Intern Student Housing.

Let’s face it, getting a plane to a place where you don’t know anyone or speak the language is scary! Then you have the stress of packing your life into one suitcase, where there’s always that nagging fear that you’re forgetting something you won...

The Campus Ambassadors The Ford Challenge is Back!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic Thursday! I want to officially announce that I am teaming up with Ford again this year to bring you the Ford Campus Ambassador Challenge. The challenge is open to students at 9 different schools (listed below), and is a great way to grow your business and marketing skills while also having the chance to win some awesome prizes!

Interested in...

The Internship 6 Ways Students Burned Bridges with Hiring Managers

This fall internship season (more than EVER before), we’ve heard some pretty terrible stories about how students have burned bridges with hiring managers. I want to share these stories so that you don’t fall into the same mess. Here are six ways students have burned bridges with hiring managers this internship season:

1. You are applying for internships that you don...

The Extra Activities The Value of Studying Abroad
This is a guest blog post written by StudentUniverse.

As students prepare to head back to college, many grapple with the decision about whether or not...