Internship Lessons from the Intern Queen

I spoke at LSU a few weeks ago for their regional PRSSA Conference. One of the students wrote this great blog post on what she learned from my presentation. I thought I'd share. Enjoy! Read the article here.

Adult Interns Are Proving To Be Top Talent

A few years back we started hearing more and more about the adult internship. These are extremely popular for moms who have gone back to work and adults who have enrolled or re-enrolled in school. I read this really interesting article in AdAge written by an executive from Deutsch New York. It’s a very positive article on adult interns and gives hope to a lot of adult interns who think they might overlooked or not really seen in a workplace full of eager millennials.

The Pros and Cons of Interning After Graduation

I received a note from someone in Australia who said she graduated in 2006 and was thinking about going into a new career - she also mentioned wanting to potentially work in another country. She asked if internships were a potential solution for her situation. Here are my thoughts on the subject of professionals going back to internships to help them transition into new career paths or even new countries:

Internship Pros (After Graduation)