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The Extra Activities Engage and Impress in 30 Seconds or Less

All it takes is 30 seconds to make a first impression.

Commit to using that short time wisely and make a lasting impact on all those you meet and interact with! The Muse offers six great tips on showing your leadership skills in 30 seconds or less. Read the article...

The Interview How To Handle Rejection Like A Pro

As I travel to nine universities around the US for the #FordChallenge speaking tour, a focus of mine is to share my advice on how to accept rejection. Everyone gets rejected; it is how you overcome rejection and move forward that counts! Check out the video HERE

The Internship Welcome To The Real World: Email Etiquette

I always stress how important it is to network, but what do you do when you send that email? It's all about showing interest, being brief and being timely about when you send the email. Want to read more about how you can better your email etiquette? Check out this post on Chasing Pradas and PR...

The Extra Activities How to Find Balance During Midterms!

Finding the balance between academic excellence while maintaining your social life can be overwhelming for the average person. Adding a job, internship or athletics to all of that is impossible for some. Then there is you... You want to do it all.

While this is admirable, it is also...