Campus Ambassadors

For more information about how the Intern Queen Campus Ambassadors can help push your brand message out to their network, please email us.

Intern Queen Campus Ambassadors Our network of over 100 Campus Ambassadors is responsible for spreading the word about to their campus and social network, sharing their insight into the internship needs of students across the nation, expanding the Intern Queen brand, creating unique blog content for the Intern Queen Blog, helping Intern Queen spread the word about our partner brands and test new products from brands we work with.


Ade Echeverri | North Carolina State University
Akshata Bailkeri | Boston College
Akshita Verma | Rutgers University
Alexa Orr | Colorado State University
Alexis Vaughn | University of Illinois
Allanah Dykes | Fairfield University
Amanda Ballenger | Fordham University
Amanda Dews | UNC at Charlotte
Amanda Feather | The University of Tennessee
Amanda Garrity | Elon University
Amber Ferrell | Columbia University
Anna Jonas | Dalhousie University
Ashley Falcon | Northwestern University
Ava Keck | Miami University OH
Beatrice Rivera | Rutgers University
Brianna Baker | Michigan State University
Brittaney Lynch | UMass Amherst
Caitlin Moynihan | Towson University
Cheyenne Krieger | University of Cincinnati
Christina Nguyen | Boston College
Cindy Nguyen | Pace University
Courtland Thomas | Columbia University
Courtney Brownsworth | Iowa State University
Courtney Pelot | University of Wisconsin-Madison
Daisha Roberts | Hampton University
Danielle Bennett | New York University
Dylan Ebraheem | Montclair State
Elizabeth Acosta | Syracuse University
Elizabeth Deuel | University of Illinois
Emily Haley | Elon University
Emily Kamen | Hofstra University
Emily Rodriguez | Florida State University
Emma White | Syracuse University
Esohe Osabuohien | University of Michigan
Gabriella D'Agostino | Quinnipiac University
Genevieve Scarano | Boston University
Hanna Handler | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Hanna Work | Muhlenberg College
Hayley Good | University of Indianapolis
Isabella Basco | Wake Forest University
Isabelle Hou | University of Connecticut
Jackie O'Shaughnessy | UNC at Chapel Hill
Jaclyn Finger | Rutgers University
Jade Carmosino | Indiana University- Bloomington
JaKaira Mingo | Michigan State University
Jasmine Lynch | University Of Utah
Joleen Llorence | Louisiana State University
Josey Oliva | University of Florida
Kaitlyn Cook | Florida State Unviersity
Kaitlyn Smith | Drexel University
Katherine Grace Lalla | Clemson University
Katie Milliken | University of Wisconsin
Kelly Hayes | Ohio University
Kendall Greer | University of South Carolina
Kristie Golembioski | University of Central Florida
Kristin Stalsberg | University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Kristina Hipolito | Virginia Commonwealth University
Lauren Hannigan | University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Lauren Zimmerman | Louisiana State University
Laurise McMillian | University of Baltimore
Ligia Forbes | University of Central Florida
Lily Holeva | Pennsylvania State University
Lindsay Sperin | University of Delaware
Madison Elliott | Quinnipiac University
Malon Murphy | Howard University
Mary Jo Gordon | University of Louisville
Megan Newton | Ohio University
Melissa Olney | Wake Forest University
Melissa Riordan | University of Notre Dame
Melissa Vargas | Pace University
Mercedes Livingston | The University of Southern Mississippi
Merideth Ketterer | Temple University
Michela Underwood | William Paterson University
Morgan Epperson | University of South Carolina
Nazifa Hossain | UCLA
Nicole Stricker | University of Wisconsin- Madison
Niki Kirschner | University of Delaware
Nina Gabriel | University of South Carolina
Nóra Horváth | Syracuse University
Pragati Soni | University of Georgia
Rachel Fleishman | Rutgers University
Rachel Gluck | Penn State
Rachel Heinzinger | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Rae Straub | Johnson & Wales University
Rebecca Ndawana | Suffolk University
Rene Cosides | Temple University
Reyna Cazares | California State University
Ruchika Devalapalli | Rutgers University
Sarah Dougherty | The University of Alabama
Sarah Peterson | Penn State
Sarah Pontius | UCLA
Shane Rabinowitz | University of Maryland
Stephanie Schmidt | University of Georgia
Sun Roberson | Columbia College Chicago
Sydney Cameron | University of Central Florida
Sydney Krassen | University of Wisconsin-Madison
Taylor Hicks | FIDM
Tory Nymick | Penn State