10 Steps Towards A Happier, Healthier You

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10 Steps Towards A Happier, Healthier You

This is a guest post by our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador Jeanette Bravo. Jeanette is from Arizona State University.

The Spring semester is here! New classes, new internships, new activities. With everything going on, you may start to wonder, “Where’s my me time!?” With that said, it’s important to be a little selfish in order to obtain a healthy balance and to lower stress. Here are 10 activities to do for a happy, healthy, you!

1.     Take a yoga class. Yoga is beneficial for your concentration levels, your breathing and your posture.

2.     Go jogging with a friend. Jogging will help you obtain a healthy heart.

3.     Get creative! Art can be relaxing, if you enjoy it.

4.     If you’ve been eating a lot of junk food- color your plate! Fruits and vegetables are filled with nutrients. Also, if you’re on the go, fruits and vegetables are easy to carry around.

5.     Go a day or two without social media. This could sound crazy to some, but your Facebook wall posts aren’t going anywhere.

6.     Be more positive! The more positive you try to be- the more positive you will think and feel. Plus, positivity is contagious to others.

7.     Ditch the soda and drink more water- you’ll feel better and water is very beneficial to your health.

8.     Reconnect with a friend. Share some laughs and catch up!

9.     Get a massage. Massages can reduce fatigue, decrease anxiety and enhance your sleep quality.

10. Have a Mac? Use your iCal- the color-coding of activities is simply amazing!

Mostly, just remember to set aside some time for YOU!