10 Things To Do On Your First Day

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10 Things To Do On Your First Day

Are you starting your summer internship or new job tomorrow morning? I can feel your nerves through my words - HA! I thought I'd share a few pieces of advice for all of you who are about to start a new chapter in the morning. Feel free to comment on this post with any questions, and I'll answer ASAP! Here we go, 10 Things To Do On Your First Day! 

1. First, take a deep breath. Change is a good thing and you aren't expected to be perfect tomorrow. Remember, you got this role for a reason - they like you! Try not to think about it too much. Watch a fun television show, read a good book, or listen to your favorite music. Try to get some sleep and not obsess over tomorrow!

2. Remember, this is a brand new first impression. Tomorrow is a clean slate. No one  at the company has any sort of pre-concieved notions about who you are, your fears, what you excel at, what you aren't so good at. All that they know is what you show them. Remember, they know nothing of the past. This is an exciting change to start a fresh chapter and make fresh relationships. Remember my video on what NOT to do at your first job? This might be helpful for your big day! 

3. Start building relationships on the first day. Make sure to treat everyone kindly - even the person at the front desk and the janitor - everyone is equally as important and these are your new colleagues. If you have extra time with anyone, ask where they are from, and how long  they've worked at the company. This is also an opportunity to solidify relationships with anyone else you might be training with (other interns or new employees). You already have  something in common (it's your first day!)  so build off that.

4. Take Notes! Don't forget to take a notebook with you. Yes, you may be provided with one but you never know. You always want to take notes. Everyone thinks they can remember everything. Trust me, you can't! Write as much down as possible. And don't forget a few pens!

5. Ask questions when there are natural breaks. Since you will be taking such great notes, you'll have an opportunity to write down any questions before you ask them. Try not to be too eager as the orientation leader may go over your question in just a few minutes. Get all of your information and then ask questions at the appropriate time. If you are uncertain about tasks, reitterate the task to the supervisor, "Just so I understand, you want me to do X, Y, and then Z. Is that correct?" This will help  to ensure you are on the right track. 

6. Dress to impress. It's your first day. Dress nicely! You want everyone to think you are trying to impress them. Try not to go overboard with the clothing or make-up. You want everyone to remember you for your sparkling personality, not for your stripper shoes! If you need help with specific outfits, I posted a video a while back on what to wear for your internship

7. Offer to Help. Marisol, who just left our company, taught me the power of offering  to help. She always said (from day one), "I'm happy to help". It doesn't seem like much, but trust me, knowing that someone is there to help is powerful. I encourage you to use this phrase at your new job or internship and as you're introduced to people. As an example, you'd say, "Great to meet you. I'm always here to help if you need me!"

8. Don't forget the basics. Make sure to bring identification, your social security card (if you need it for paperwork), cash for lunch, a granola bar so you don't get the jitters, a water bottle, and a cell phone charger. 

9. Ask for a company handbook. Most companies have some sort of new employee handbook or training guide that outlines the company policies. You may ask for this on your first day if it's not given to you. If  a company doesn't have one, they will let you  know. 

10. An "I'm Ready" attitude. You got the job (or internship) and now it's time to shine. Just be ready to dive into any project and  do it with a smile on your face. Whenever I ask new team members to do something, I expect them to have a positive attitude, avoid rolling there eyes, and just be ready to help me. You  want to show the new group you  are a team player from day one.   

Good luck! And  if you need anything at all - you  can always reach out  to me HERE!