10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Graduated

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10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Graduated

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Graduation is such a bitter-sweet time for students. On one hand, the promise to never again pull an all-nighter for organic chemistry takes a huge load off your back. On the other, the threat of paying bills with a real job that you may or may not have already brings you right back down… and probably scares the sh*t out of you. CollegeCandy had two of our graduate writers, Michelle and The Dude, offer up some advice they wish they had gotten when they graduated. Here are their 10 tips for surviving life post graduating!

1. Expect Some Tears
You're going to cry more in the next year than you ever have before in your life total. It will be a daily thing at certain points. But it will make you a stronger person, even if in the moment you feel as soft and wimpy as butter. As long as you stay hydrated, of course.

2. Many Shades Of Grey
Nothing is black and white. You aren't perfect, but neither is that job or the hiring manager. You might not be the best fit for a job, but don't let the overwhelming rejection (seven months worth, in fact) make you question your worth as a human being. You're still a good person, even if your seven internships somehow don't qualify you to even be a receptionist.

3. Know Your Limits
Stop signing up for things. Seriously, no one can work a full time job, four part-time internships, assist with editing a local magazine, AND manage a personal blog while starting a photography business. There is no way.

4. Give Yourself a Break
The people who love you will never stop being proud of you, even if you have to work in a deli to pay your bills. And apparently, you will still look super hot in that horrible beret and chef's coat.

5. People May Try To Screw You Over
File a complaint with the Department of Labor when that business doesn't pay you for your freelance work. Seriously, don't let that one slide, because you deserve the money, even if they make you cry and feel guilty for something they did.

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