10 Things We Learned at the CFDA + Cosmo Fashion Career Summit

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10 Things We Learned at the CFDA + Cosmo Fashion Career Summit blog image

10 Things We Learned at the CFDA + Cosmo Fashion Career Summit

Intern Queen Campus Ambassadors Reyna Cazares and Kristina Hipolito attended the CFDA + Cosmopolitan Fashion Career Summit presented by Lancôme Paris in New York City.  The event was full of keynote speakers, panels, Q&A, and networking opportunities. Its main goal was to advise those who want to make it in the fashion industry and learn more about the range of careers that the field holds. Here are 10 lessons both Reyna and Kristina learned from the event:

1. Voice what you want to do. CFDA Communications Manager Sophie Marx advised event attendees to tell as many people as possible what you want to do. The fashion industry is all about connections. It’s only a matter of time before someone hears you and introduces you to someone who can get you to where you want to go.

2. Be nice to everyone. The fashion industry can be stressful and frustrating so it’s always nice having that one person who can brighten your day. You’ll be remembered for it. If you’re nice to people, they’re more likely to help you when you need it.

3. No matter the task, make sure you’re the best at it. Celebrity Stylist, Brad Goreski, gave this piece of advice. During his interning days, Goreski was renowned for his steaming abilities. He was the go-to intern for this task and was well remembered for it. Even today, he uses the same techniques and teaches his own interns to do it the same way. No matter how small the task is, do it better than the rest and you’ll stand out.

4. Don’t compromise. You are capable of anything. Don’t go the easy route just because it’s presented to you. Challenge yourself and you’ll get noticed. Nothing is above or below your talents.

5. Leave on good terms. Lancôme Vice President of Makeup Marketing Priyanka Newkirk left the company and was able to return easily—this time, taking her old boss’s boss’s job! Stay on good terms with your past employers. You never know what opportunities will become available to you because of it.

6. Always proofread. Communication is a huge component of any business. If you apply to a position make sure you proofread your resume, cover letter, and thank you note. You don’t want to turn in something with a lot of grammar mistakes that might cost you a great opportunity.

7. When applying for a position make sure to point out specific ways YOU can help the company. When job hunting realize that landing a job isn’t about you for the employer. It’s about what you can do for the company not vise-vera. Approach applications in a way that you communicate specific skill sets you can bring. Find areas that need improvement and sell yourself as to why you are the person to make the change. Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Tommy Hilfiger, Heather Vandenberghe, developed a plan while applying for her former job at bebe. After much persistence she got someone to take a look at it and was hired.

8. Be a problem solver and trust yourself to figure things out. Industry leaders in the real world are busy people. When confronted with a problem, make sure you do everything you can to figure it out on your own. You will get noticed for this, which can lead to landing more and bigger projects.

9. Be your bosss go-to person. Always stay on your toes and keep learning as much as you can. Intake and absorb all the information you need to make yourself indispensable as a person and employee. 

10. Be patient and know that things always take time. If you have the passion for something never give up. Rebecca Minkoff moved to New York City at the age of 18 to pursue a design career. Minkoff interned for fashion-design house Craig Taylor before she made her take off. She remembers cutting up t-shirts as a one-woman show in her living room and studding them all by hand. Her lifestyle brand is now located in over 900 stores worldwide.

The CFDA + Cosmopolitan Fashion Career Summit allowed our Campus Ambassadors Reyna and Kristina to not only meet in person but to also network with other industry professionals. Attending events like these are beneficial because they offer great tips on how to succeed in the real world! 

Did you attend the summit as well? What was your biggest takeaway? Share in the comment section below!