The 10 Things You Should Have on Day #1 of Your Internship

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The 10 Things You Should Have on Day #1 of Your Internship blog image

The 10 Things You Should Have on Day #1 of Your Internship

This blog was written by Victoria Maggio, Campus Ambassador at Penn State University. She is a rising senior dual majoring in Public Relations and Integrative Arts. Follow her on Twitter @VictoriaMaggio.

Excited for the first day of your summer internship? You should be! But you should also be prepared. As summer internships are beginning, we need to be equipped for anything. In most companies, the first day is a transitional-learning day. Be sure you have these 10 things with you to make your day go a little bit smoother and to impress your employer!

1. All forms of identification. Often employers need to have personal information such as a driver’s license, medical insurance cards and/or birth certificates, especially larger corporations. In cases of emergency and legal purposes, identification materials are essential.

2. Parking passes or permits. Upon guidance from your internship manager, you should have an idea of where you are going the first day of your internship. This means you need to be prepared with all permits, badges and parking passes so your commute is as short as possible. Always be sure to arrive 15 minutes early!

3. Necessary paperwork and completed forms. In addition to forms of identification, interns need to have all completed paperwork to begin their internship. This may include accepted offer letters, goals/objectives sheet, resumes, etc.

4. Folders. You will be receiving a decent chunk of introductory paperwork on your first day. Keep it all in a safe place with designated folders so nothing gets lost!

5. Necessary writing utensils. Whether it’s a pencil or pen, be prepared with a writing utensil. You don’t want to be the one intern without a pen and frantically search around for one during an introductory meeting. Always have extras with you in case your employer or fellow intern needs one as well!

6. Appropriate outfit. Dress a little bit nicer than usual on the first day. Many offices may be business casual, but first impressions count and since you are likely to meet several, if not many, important people on your first day; you want to look your best.

7. Money. Having a little bit of cash on hand will be extremely valuable. Whether it is used for highway tolls, parking, lunch or gas, it is better to be safe than sorry. You do not want to assume parking is free or that your office has a cafeteria.

8. Personal planner. Not only is it useful to carry around a planner for personal use, but it is essential for daily use at your internship. Take notes during meetings, jot down important dates and times and save contact information. You can only rely on technology for so much, and having it all out in monthly and weekly format will help you stay on top of every task.

9. List of personal goals and objectives. Although all internship programs are different, setting professional goals and objectives for yourself is crucial. These personal and professional goals will allow you to make a point of what you want to gain over the summer. Sharing these with a mentor or manager will show them that you are serious about the program and really want to benefit from the experience.

10. A positive attitude. Nothing shines through more than a positive attitude. Coming into the workplace with an open mind and fresh ideas will make you an enormous asset to the organization. A positive attitude in the workplace can open doors for future opportunities.

The Intern Queen Family wishes everyone the best of luck on the first day of your internships!