10 Virtual Internships to Apply for this Summer

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10 Virtual Internships to Apply for this Summer

You need an internship this Summer but you’re on a budget and can’t move. Don’t worry about it! In this day in age you can work on an internship without even leaving your home. Virtual internships are an amazing way of getting the experience you want and need while budgeting yourself from home. I’m here to tell you about 10 Summer virtual internships that you need to apply for today!

1.       College Fashionista: Style Guru Internship

2.       Shark Party Media: PR Internship

3.       Astonish Media Group: PR/Marketing Internship

4.       Skivvienix: Fashion Marketing/ E-Commerce Internship

5.       Very Good Light: Editorial Internship

6.       Ruby Media Group: Graphic Design Internship

7.       COED.com: Editorial Internship

8.       CollegeCandy.com: Editorial Internship

9.       The Holiday Girl: Outreach/ Marketing Internship

10.   Miles High Productions: Social Media Internship