10 Ways To Stay In Touch with me after the Internship or Job

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10 Ways To Stay In Touch with me after the Internship or Job blog image

10 Ways To Stay In Touch with me after the Internship or Job

People always ask me how to stay in touch after an internship – or even after a job. I thought about the recent grads who have  stayed in touch the most over the years and what they do  to stay in  touch. I’m in a unique situation -  getting so many emails from students each day – BUT these “alumni” are still  able to stand out from the rest of them. Here are 10 ways that you  can stay in touch with me after your internship. I know these won’t all be relevant to your careers but hopefully it’s a thought starter if nothing else! 
1. Text, Call, or Email me On My Birthday. Who doesn’t love when the birthday phone rings?

2. Send me a holiday card (yes, in the mail). I love when these arrive! 

3. Tweet  me or engage in a Twitter Chat we’re hosting. It’s a great way to stay relevant in our network.

4. Tag me in a comment on your Facebook so that I see it. We had a student recently tag her new job and tag me as someone who helped her along the way. It was so nice to see! 

5. If you know I’m doing a lot  of Snaps or Instagram Stories (which I am), engage with me there and just say hey. 

6. Invite me to have a Virtual Lunch or Coffee. Our former intern and employee, Shayna, often asks me to virtual lunch or coffee. We Skype -  drink our lattes  -  and catch up. Truth be told, she’s much healthier than I am and probably not drinking a latte. 

7. Ask me to a coffee or lunch when you  are in town. I frequently visit with our former intern, Morgan, as she’s now moved to LA. 

8. Offer to help with events. We love when our former interns and ambassadors come to our yearly Intern Queen parties to help out. 

9. Ask me for work. While I don’t always have opportunities, sometimes I  do. Whenever former interns  or ambassadors have some time for work on the side, I frequently hear from them. When I can help, I try too.

10. Send me Life Update Emails. It’s hard to stay in touch with everyone  all of the time but I love getting a 1-2 paragraph email from a former employee telling me what they are up  to.