12 Great Resources for Finding Scholarship Information!

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12 Great Resources for Finding Scholarship Information!  blog image

12 Great Resources for Finding Scholarship Information!

We know that many internships are either low-paying or unpaid and the costs add up when you consider a summer internship away from where you live or go to school. We wanted to quickly round-up a few up-to-date resources that you can check out for your summer scholarship search. But hurry up! You have a lot of digging and applying to do!

• Don’t Forget Your Career Center! Visit Your Career Center Website. Here’s an example of some great scholarship opportunities listed on the University of Virginia website 

• The Washington Center Scholarships. For students interested in interning in Washington DC this summer, check out the scholarships and financial aid assistance that comes with The Washington Center Internship Programs. They have a variety of scholarships and financial aid available. Many of the collegiate honor societies work with The Washington Center and offer scholarships as well.

• Association of Women in Sports and Media. I know several of my students have spoken to me about working in the sports or media space in some capacity. This organization helps place students in paid internships and awards a ton of scholarships each year. For more information on how to apply please visit this LINK. 

• The American College of Dentistry. Many of our students who are going into the medical field don’t necessarily want the internship – rather they want the continued education and training. Check out some of the opportunities sponsored by Creighton University and the American College of Dentistry HERE 

• Public Service Internships. The JW Saxe Fund provides scholarship money for students taking on low-paying or unpaid internships over the summer. The deadline isn’t until April – check out this LINK for more details!

• DoSomething.Org. This fun non-profit awards $10,000 to students who are enrolled part-time or full-time. Check out their website HERE for more info

 • The Society of Women Engineers. This organization has a full search page on their website dedicated to scholarships. For all of our female powerhouse engineers – check out this list ASAP HERE. 

• Science Education Opportunities. Check out ORISE  and all of the science education opportunities they offer. They promote internships and scholarships and are sponsored by the Department of Energy.

• Non-Profit, Public Policy, Government Scholarships. An organization called CAPAL has a wide range of internships and scholarship opportunities for students participating in unpaid non-profit, public policy, and government internships. Check out their website for application details.

• Scholarships.org. If you want to search every scholarship – everywhere – go to this website. They have a great filter functionality and give you’re the ability to find scholarships that are perfect for you.

• College Board. This is another comprehensive website that has great search options and allows you to search for a ton of different opportunities around the globe.

• Fast Web. This is the last comprehensive list I’ll mention. Check it out for a wide range of scholarship listings all over the globe.

We hope this list helps you gain some traction on your scholarship search. I’ll also remind you that it never hurts to ask your internship coordinator if the company provides any scholarship opportunities. I also suggest you do some research on your own and see what the company you want to intern for offers. Good luck!