12 Pointers For the Phone Interview

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12 Pointers For the Phone Interview

Here at InternQueen.com, we're in the midst of fall internship interviews. I want to share a few pointers on how to rock your phone interviews for Fall 2013 and beyond. Good luck!

1. Don't be too casual. Make sure you stay professional and formal on the phone.

2. The "ranking" of the person you are speaking with doesn't matter. Treat them as professionals. You never know how much pull they have in the decision-making process.

3. Make sure you know "where" the interview is happening. Are they calling you? Are you calling the employer? Is it taking place on a conference line?

4. When the employer says "tell me about yourself" keep your answers short, sweet, and relevant. Who are you? Where do you go to school? What is your major? Why do you want to work at the company?

5. If you don't understand the question, ask for further clarification.

6. Try to avoid "um, you know, like, really, and uhhhhhh."

7. Go over practice interview questions ahead of time. Try to have some answers prepared ahead of time.

8. Don't be late for the interview. Be at least 5 minutes early.

9. You should be sending Thank You notes to ANYONE who you interview with -- regardless of their ranking.

10. Make sure your passion for the opportunity comes across over the phone.

11. Let the employer know that you are familiar with their product/service and that you are familiar with it.

12. Attitude is key. Energetic candidates stand out.