15 Internship Tips from the Intern Queen Party

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15 Internship Tips from the Intern Queen Party blog image

15 Internship Tips from the Intern Queen Party

Happy Wednesday everyone! We are already halfway through the week! I can’t believe it’s already been a whole week since we wrapped up our Intern Queen Parties! During the panels at the events we asked everyone to tweet some of the best pieces of advice that they were given. We’re so excited to see so many tweets and we wanted to share some of the top things that were tweeted at the events! 

• Don’t approach the last day of your internship as your last day! Leave a lasting impression!

• Be a ‘go-getter’ not a ‘no-getter’!

• Bloom where you are planted. Stop always looking for the next step. Focus on excelling where you are now.

• Master the fundamentals of your job and then more will be given to you.

• Be MORE than your job description.

• PDFs only for resume and cover letters – no word docs!

• Don’t be afraid to give a compliment to an employer.

• Make sure you end every professional conversation with a Thank You!

• If you want it, you can find it, and you can make it happen!

• Ask for more responsibility - Step up!

• Good writing speaks for itself.

• Follow your passion!

• Look at the job description and pull out key words, put those exact words on your resume!

• I don’t care what school you go to, I just care that you hustle!

• I recruit using Instagram!

Which one of these was your favorite?