25 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Your Teacher

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25 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Your Teacher  blog image

25 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Your Teacher

This is a guest blog post written by Lesley Vos, a private educator from Chicago and blog writer for Bid4Papers.

October 5 is World Teachers' Day.

I know that because I am a teacher. And I still remember the time I was a student. With that in mind, I perfectly understand what a deep gap in understanding exists between teachers and students: when a student, I considered all teachers the monsters who longed for a total control over me and gave hundreds of stupid tasks; when a teacher, I understand how wrong my fellows and I were.

So, to decrease this gap and try to make students and teachers understand each other, I am going to reveal some creepy (I'm kidding!) facts today. They will be for students about teachers. (As far as you understand, I am at this dark side now.) Moreover, what can be a better day to reveal teachers' secrets than their professional holiday?

So, here we go. Check 25 facts you probably didn't know about your teacher. And quiet, please. The teacher is speaking:

1) Your teacher loves control. I mean, we hate when things do not go according to our plans. But it doesn't mean we are freaks who want to control all students like Darth Vader wants to control the Galaxy. *evil laugh*

2) 33% of teachers leave within the first three years of beginning their careers. Does it mean teachers are softies? Well, it's up to you to decide. By the way, 46% of teachers leave within the first five years. Yeah, the work of a teacher has never been easy. The most common reason to leave teaching is the low salary.

3) Your teacher breaks the rules. Don't think that every teacher considers all those ridiculous rules like no gums and no cell phones in a classroom important. Unless you use your cell phone during a lecture or a test, we are totally okay with that.

4) Your teacher is a scapegoat. When students fail, teachers become the first ones to blame. People often forget there are many factors that could lead to failure, and some of them are outside the teacher's control.

5) Your teacher is not necessarily a crazy fan of a subject. Sometimes we are not excited about what we teach; every subject has some content we don't enjoy giving our students.

6) Your teacher is not paid for grading your works and planning lessons. We may spend 10-15 hours on the weekend checking your essays though our contracts don't include this time.

7) Your teacher is one of 7, 000, 000 in the United States. And over three million educators teach at elementary and middle school levels.

8) Your teacher struggles with you. We invest so much time in trying to explain to students how this or that thing or rule works, and we do love the moment when our students finally start getting it!

9) Your teacher's job is stressful! According to researchers, your teacher has a very stressful job that can be compared with jobs of pilots and firefighters.

10) Your teacher uses social media. You don't say! I don't want to disappoint some students, but your teachers don't sign in Facebook or Twitter to watch you; it's important for us to stay connected, as it helps us grow professionally, using social media channels as a collaboration tool. Twiter chats, Facebook groups are a good way to make students participate in discussions.

11) Your teacher is funny. We love giving some creative and unusual tasks to our students to make them smile and engage them to the process of learning. There are many examples of teachers creativity on the Web, and everyone finds them awesome, as a rule.

12) Your teacher has feelings. Your teacher is sad to see a talented student with a tremendous potential who doesn't want to work on maximizing it.

13) Your teacher spends money on you. Yes, sometimes we buy things we need to run a classroom; but it is okay, and many teachers don't see anything awful here.

14) Your teacher is not afraid of looking silly sometimes. We are not serious erudites who don't see anything except essays, grades, grammar rules, formulas, etc. To engage students, we can look and behave a bit awkward or even silly.

15) Your teacher is not in this profession for the money. We want to make a difference in shaping young people lives.

16) Your teacher is a human. Oh, really? Yes, we have lives outside of college or school, we have bad days, we make mistakes, we cry, we worry, we love and hate.

17) Your teachers love when graduates remember them. When you congratulate us with holidays, for example, or meet us in the street and thank for our work, we do appreciate this.

18) Your teacher doesn't have summer holidays. While students are happy to spend summer months out of schools, we spend them preparing for the next year. Plus, we devote our summer time to professional development.

19) Yes, your teacher has favorites. He or she may not say it, but there are always some students a teacher somehow has a natural connection with.

20) Your teacher wants you to write essays. It doesn't mean we want all students to become Hemingway, Shakespeare, or at least E.L. James; when we see students writing essays that work, we understand they are good in critical thinking, they can express their thoughts clearly, they have a point of view and know how to share it for others to understand.

21) Your teacher understands you can have problems. We know that our students deal with challenging situations at home sometimes, and we are ready to help you cope with them.

22) Your teacher worries about you. We realize that some students don't have the best life, and we worry about them outside of school hours.

23) Your teacher doesn't know everything. Some students believe we should know EVERYTHING; otherwise, how can we teach?! I am a private educator of French language, but does it mean I should know all words and grammar rules of this beautiful language, taking into account the fact they are changing all the time? So, don't blame your teachers if they don't remember the year when water has been found on Mars, for example. It's 2015, by they way.

24) Your teacher cheats you. Don't believe when we say you are a bad student. There are no bad students, there are students who don't know they are good; and a great teacher will always help students understand they are individual. To make a long story short, your teacher loves you.

25) Your teacher wants to quit. Sometimes. But how can he or she leave you? Oh, dear… So, we continue working, making a difference in your life and making you a better person.

Today is perfect for telling your teacher how much you appreciate his or her work. No matter whether you are a student, a recent graduate, an alumni, or an intern, thank your teachers for what they've done for you. Believe me, they do appreciate this.