3 Apps to Help You Study

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3 Apps to Help You Study

This post was contributed by Kelsey Reynolds, our Campus Ambassador at Southern Methodist University.

Midterms have come and gone and for some of us they were a wake up call. If this sounds like you, don’t worry. It’s just time to regroup. One of the best ways to improve your study habits is to maximize your down time. How do you do that? Simple. Just download our top three study apps for your iPhone and iPad so you can easily study on the go:

1. Flashcards: Flashcards are one of the most useful study tools and this app eliminates the problem of first buying the cards and then remembering to carry them around with you. With this app you can create flashcards for all of your classes as well as browse and use other students flashcards that they’ve created on the app. The ability to share flashcard sets is a great way to collaborate with students in your class as a study group. Download Flashards+ free of charge from the app store.

2. PDF: One of the biggest problems I run into with my iPhone email is that I can’t open PDF’s on it. There is nothing more frustrating then not being by a computer and trying to open an important document for class. The PDF app eliminates this problem! This app allows you to open PDF documents on your phone, scroll through, zoom in and use the find option to search for specific information. For a free version of this app download Adobe Reader or PDF Reader, there are mixed reviews but I haven’t had trouble. If you don’t mind spending the money you can download PDF Expert for $9.99.

3.Camscanner: Camscanner may be the ultimate app for studying on the go. This app lets you take pictures of anything; notes from class, homework, pages from the textbook, newspaper articles, etc. The Camscanner app basically allows you to have a virtual notebook. The ability to scan and share documents is perfect for study groups when there’s no time to meet up; instead you can easily scan your notes, crop to a specific question and send them to a classmate. Another bonus is this app supports easy organization and allows you to sort documents by date or title. Download the free version, CamScanner Free or try CamScanner Pro for $4.99.