3 Items For Your Graduation Checklist!

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3 Items For Your Graduation Checklist!

This is a guest blog post from Anna Hicks.

College graduates have high hopes when they’re entering the job market. If you've just graduated from college, you may expect to land a high paying job within the next few months.

However, you’re not the only one with passion, hopes and dreams to make it big. There are MILLIONS of college graduates out there who will have a similar vision -- and will make efforts to get employed.

The good news is: you can make post-grad job search less daunting and increase your chances of landing the opportunity over others. Before sending applications to all of your dream companies, be sure to consult this checklist:

1. Accuracy of listed information. I’m sure you participated in lots of student activities and have achievements from college that will make you stand out in the job hunt. Keep in mind that employers may check the accuracy of listed information -- not only your achievements, but where you come from, which college you attended, your criminal record etc. The chances of information checks increase even more when you apply for highly technical positions.

Therefore, it’s important that to conduct an individual background check on yourself before the potential employer does -- even a single inaccurate line or image can act as a barrier in getting into a high-paying position.

2. Revise your elevator pitch. You may have heard about the “elevator pitch” before. In essence, if you encounter an executive in an elevator, you should be able to tell him or her what makes you valuable in the time it takes the elevator to reach its destination.

Talk about your talent, skills and the energy and passion you bring to the table. You can tell a manager that you interned at Amazon -- great -- but he or she will be more impressed by the things that you learned while writing product descriptions, the fact that you’re aware on how to increase engagement on social media or how disciplined you were when taking 5 difficult courses at a single time in college. Your elevator pitch should encompass the personality traits that set you apart.

3. Get your resume reviewed. I’m sure you put a lot of effort in your resume. Keep in mind that hiring managers aren’t just interested in the description -- they also care about the formatting, presentation, organization and grammar on the resume. Your resume can be taken as an example of how you’re going to create important documents in the company and how you will communicate with clients.

In order to make sure there are no errors, you can ask your favorite college teacher, a friend that’s already employed or a working relative to review and proofread your resume. They may be able to point out mistakes that you don’t catch.

Staying up-to-date with this checklist before you apply will greatly increase your chances of landing that dream job after college graduation.

3 Items For Your Graduation Checklist! | Intern Queen Inc.


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