3 Months to Plan your Career

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3 Months to Plan your Career

This blog was written by Campus Ambassador Laura Notorangelo, a Business Communication major from Arizona State University.

Summer is definitely the perfect time to begin your post-grad job search. Starting now will give you an extra 3 months to set the stones in place for your career! All college students need to follow this valuable timeline to guarantee a job or internship after graduation.

June: Conduct industry research to begin with, find the industries your skills apply to and look into their job sectors. For example, if you want to work in marketing, then which area? Are your skills best utilized in research, analytics, accounts, business development or strategy? Then, much like the college search, you need to create lists of target companies. Create a list of dream companies, match companies and safety companies to clarify your vision.

July: Next, reach out to your safety and match companies for internship interviews. If they are not hiring, ask for an informational interview. Informational interviews are invaluable because they show your interest, give you a first-person perspective of their everyday life, and get your questions about the job answered. Afterwards, follow up to thank them for their time and restate your interest in the position.

August: Lastly, determine the hours you will be working, where you will work and how the internship fits into your school schedule. Once you have experience in your chosen industry, you will have vital knowledge and references. If you don’t secure an internship, continue to reach out to companies for spring internships. Ultimately, you must always research internships because some companies hire their interns as full- time workers after graduation.