3 more ways to get your Starbucks fix

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3 more ways to get your Starbucks fix blog image

3 more ways to get your Starbucks fix

This blog post was written by Maferly, our Campus Ambassador from Baruch College.

Summer internships are starting soon, and you just might be lucky enough to pass a Starbucks on your way there. Successfully making the line at Starbucks can either make or break your morning before even starting your day at your dream internship. And because both Starbucks and I only want what’s best for you and your day, I MUST tell you, if you SB junkies do not already know, what’s new in these amazing shops that are sure to make your summer days look a whole lot brighter!

•Starbucks refreshers A thirst quenching can of lightly sparkling fruit drinks that packs a boost of natural energy, an oomph if you will, from green coffee extracts that tastes absolutely nothing like coffee! A refreshing and colorful alternative to the boring coffee drinks that’s perfect for the upbeat happy intern! Plus- it only has 60 calories and also sold in grocery stores in case you cannot get to a Starbucks!

•Starbucks mobile app Who doesn’t love the fast growing app market determined to make our lives easier? Starbucks has joined the party and developed a fast and easy way that would allow you to pay for your drink through your app and never having to hand over your phone, by performing your own scan!

•Starbucks at Disney Family vacation to Disney and find yourself not being able to catch up to your younger sibling because dad refused to stop at the Starbucks a few exits away? Good news! Starbucks is making their way into the Disney theme parks! Thank you, Starbucks!