3 Reasons to Use Your College Career Center

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3 Reasons to Use Your College Career Center

This post was written by Sara Kline, our Campus Ambassador from Drexel University.

While going to college is lots of fun, us young adults must never loose sight of the fact that we are here for a reason: To gain a higher education and have a job at which we are successful. While there are many resources to utilize on campus to find jobs and figure out where you want to go, the most useful resource of them all is your Career Center. Start using this resource early on. Although you may feel like it is too early to go, it can never hurt to walk in and talk to someone. You never know what it could lead you to. Below are three reasons why every college student, no matter what year, should use the Career Center.

1. Create and Edit your Resume:

One of the most important things for a college student to have is a resume. If you already have one, your career center will help you to edit, format and change any wording that may seem out of place or too vague. If you don’t have a resume, they are the ones able to best assist you in creating one. It’s important to remember to keep your resume to just one page, but have elements on it that are strong enough to land you a killer job! Your resume is to your potential employer what your picture is to a potential love interest on a dating website; it’s the first thing they see of you and what lures them in to know more about you. It is all about the first impressions, so make sure your resume stands out!

2. Practice Your Interview Skills:

Having an impressive resume is half the battle and your interview is the other half. Going into an interview may be one of the biggest challenges you may face when going out to find a job. While your physical appearance must be impressionable, so do your interpersonal and communication skills. It is important to know the types of questions that might come your way and even more importantly, how to answer those questions. Not everyone you come in contact with in interviews will be nice and easy-going so it is important to remember to be yourself while maintaining professionalism and confidence in your answers and conversation. Going to your career center will help you develop the skills you need to ace the interview and make you a top contender for the job you want!

3. Networking and Finding Jobs:

Your college career center is filled with people who are there to help you. More importantly, these people have all kinds of connections. Whether they are personal or through the school, connections are connections: They are the key to getting to where you want to go. Some of the best connections come from alumni of your school and it is more likely that they would hire you than someone from another school. Career centers also provide many opportunities to network yourself through many local businesses that come to your campus to talk to you. Take advantage of all your connections and all your opportunities to network because they will result in something great!