3 Reasons Why The Oscars Remind Me Of the Job Search

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3 Reasons Why The Oscars Remind Me Of the Job Search blog image

3 Reasons Why The Oscars Remind Me Of the Job Search

As a movie buff I've always gotten excited for the Oscars. There is something so magical about seeing my favorite actors and actresses on the television, commenting on their fashion choices (Nicole Kidman always looks beautiful!), and praying that the right film wins this year.

As award season is coming to a close, I thought it would be fun to highlight how much they are like the job search.

1. The introductory nerves.
First there are the nerves. The movies that are up for awards first have to be made and viewed and voted on by the Academy. This is like the job application. You do your best to make sure everything is perfect on your resume and cover letter before you send it in. Just like the movies have to be voted through, the applicant also has to be passed onto the next stage: the interview.

2. The red carpet.
The pre-Oscar red carpet can be compared to a job interview. In both cases, people are asked questions and expected to speak eloquently but also to show their personality. They might also be expected to speak highly of the movie they are promoting and their fellow cast members, just like an applicant is expected to show their good side and highlight their strengths. But answers aren’t the only things judged on the red carpet. It is all about the fashion! You don’t want to end up on the worst dressed list. Similarly, applicants want their outfit to help them stand out in a good way and make a lasting impression. But just like celebrities show their personality through their fashion (think Helena Bonham Carter), use an accessory to show off your personality too and transform your outfit into more than just a plain business suit.

3. The grace
Just like at the Oscars, not everyone can win. Not everyone will get the job. We will all face rejection at some point but the important thing is to handle it with grace. Keep your “not impressed” face hidden and instead channel your inner Meryl Streep if you do get rejected and stay classy. Who knows, that interviewer might be a good contact to have later on down the road.

This blog post was written by Kristyn Anguiano, senior sociology major and film and television studies minor and Campus Ambassador at Loyola Marymount University. She is a current social media intern for collegelifestyles.org and thecelebritycafe.com. Follow her on Twitter @KristynMA