3 Reasons You Can’t Find An Intern

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3 Reasons You Can’t Find An Intern

We’re on the phone with employers daily and we constantly hear all of the problems with the intern hiring process. The hardest part? Getting good candidates to say YES! A few years back, there were so many students wanting great opportunities but these days, there are so many great companies wanting great students – the competition is tough from both sides! Here are three reasons you might be having a hard time finding an intern. Good luck!

1. You are looking to late. NOW is the time to start looking for your summer interns, not in April or May. You should put your posting up (preferably on InternQueen.com) ASAP, give it a few weeks to collect applicants, and then start your interviews. You should start your intern search approximately 12-16 weeks before you want them to start. This will give you time to vet applicants, interview potential students, and essentially hire your interns!

2. Your internship listing is lacking information. Most intern candidates aren’t reading full listings, they are looking at the names of the companies and if they don’t recognize them - they move on. You need to sway them in the body of the email and through your social media posts about the position. Use big client names, cool awards your company has received, or great photos to try to attract candidates to your listing – it’s competitive out there. Also, really put some thought into your description of what the intern does. A good question to ask yourself before filling this out is, when the student leaves this internship, what should they know how to do? What skills must they learn in order to be a valued part of this specific industry?

3. Your Hiring Process is Lagging. Many companies (specifically small and medium sized businesses) don’t prioritize the internship program. They will vet candidates, interview them, but then wait weeks and weeks to actually offer them the positions. By the time they make the phone calls, the candidates have accepted other opportunities. It’s competitive trying to find great students - hundreds of other companies are after the sames ones! Make sure that you move the process along, you are clear about specific dates and deadlines, and keep your team on track throughout the hiring process. I also recommend having some back-up candidates just in case your top selections don’t accept the opportunity.