3 Simple Tips to Keep Your Life Organized

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3 Simple Tips to Keep Your Life Organized  blog image

3 Simple Tips to Keep Your Life Organized

This blog post was written by University of Tennessee Campus Ambassador, Jordan DeJarnette.

We all know it's hard to stay on track with a busy internship and work schedule. Here are some simple changes to make to your daily routine to help you stay on track!

1. Put first things FIRST!
As simple as this tip seems, it is one that can save you lots of time and stress! Social media has become such a huge presence in our generation now a days it can easily take up hours of your time without you even realizing it! To make sure you stay on task and get things accomplished during your day (instead of hours glued to your iphone refreshing twitter) it is important to put first things first. Get the things done in the beginning of your day, like studying for an upcoming test or working on various internship responsibilities, rather than putting them off. Waiting too late in to the day can cause rushing and might not allow you to do your best at the task at hand! Just look at it this way – by getting your work done, you’ll have more free time at night to Pin!

2. Exercise daily!
Exercise is good for not only helping you stay fit, but it’s also helpful when it comes to staying on task! By getting your heart rate up, whether it’s taking your dog for a walk, burning it out on the elliptical or playing a game of tennis with friends, you immediately become more focused! The endorphins that are released when you exercise can help you relieve stress and stay more focused on whatever you have to do throughout the day. Also, if you’re like me, you feel very accomplished after a workout! This “go me!” attitude can transition throughout the rest of your day, helping you get more done in less time!

3. Write it down!
List making is something that anyone can do, but is often looked over as to how helpful it really is! Making a list can help you stay on schedule by making you accountable. By putting something in writing, you’re less likely to forget what it is that you need to get done that day. Studies also show that psychologically, lists are effective in the fact that they motivate simply by someone wanting to mark something off their list!