3 Things to Leave Your Internship With

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3 Things to Leave Your Internship With

It's just about that time again! The semester is coming to a close, classes are dwindling down and your summer internship commitments are almost through. Before you run out the door to enjoy the first few weeks back at school, make sure that you take care of these three things before you are done!

1. Tie up all loose ends

No one wants to finish work that has been halfway completed. To prevent the hassle for someone else, take the extra few minutes before you leave the office in the coming weeks to make sure all your projects are done. File away papers, return emails, complete projects, hand in written materials, type documents - whatever it may be, make sure it is completed in full, so that your co-workers aren't left picking up your slack.

2. Ask for a letter of recommendation

Everyone needs letters of recommendation, and the good thing is - you can never have too many! Ask your supervisor or boss at least two weeks in advance to accommodate their busy schedules. Make sure the letters include the company letterhead and a personal signature. Once you have the final recommendation, don’t forget to say thank you and secure a safe location for the final product. A portfolio is a great place to display letters of recommendation.


...and did I mention, say thank you? If you haven't invested in a pack of thank you cards yet, now is the time! Head to your campus bookstore or office supply store to pick up a set. You can also try Wal-Mart, Target or even a Dollar Store if that’s more convenient. Personalize the card and write a message to your supervisor letting them know how much you enjoyed your experience, what you have learned and that you look forward to keeping in touch. It will be a great way to transition out of your position, but also to let them know that you will not become a stranger once you leave the workplace. If your budget allows, a small gift would be a nice gesture in addition to a hand written note. Small gifts include stationary, small flower arrangement or even their favorite candy or chocolate. These gifts will be sure to leave a smile on your employers face, and it won't break the bank. It's a win, win!

This post was written by our former Intern Queen intern Alex Wetzel, a Public Relations major from Penn State and Campus Ambassador.