3 Things To Note About Stony Brook Students!

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3 Things To Note About Stony Brook Students!  blog image

3 Things To Note About Stony Brook Students!

I had the privilege of visiting Stony Brook University in Long Island, New York this week. Whenever I come to New York City - it's always a treat. Last night, I sat down and spoke with the students of Stony Brook and had a great time speaking to them about the importance of internships. Because I was near the city, I got to bring a friend along! Here are three amazing things I learned from the students:

1. Vocalize Your Passions. These students are passionate. Whenever I meet passionate students, they always leave an impression on me. Last night, I met several students that were passionate about music and the music industry. I was so happy they were able to express that love for music to me - it's so important to vocalize what you want to do.

2. Ask Questions. The students at Stony Brook weren't shy and kept the questions coming! I was asked about how to manage multiple internships, how to turn down opportunities, how long you should stay at an internship for, and so much more! When you have a question - ask!

3. Confidence Can Work For You Or Against You. Two students asked similar questions last night but from different perspectives. One student raised his hand and said he's extremely confident and loves to talk but he feels that sometimes it works against him. He will find himself talking too much and then awkwardly trying to end a conversation that has gone on for much too long. I had another student raise her hand and express that she is very introverted and ask how she can show more confidence in an interview. It goes to show - that confidence can go both ways. Just because you have it - doesn't mean you are quite sure how to use it.