3 Things to Remember While on Your Internship

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3 Things to Remember While on Your Internship

This blog was written by our Campus Ambassador Kyshira Moffett at Hampton University in Newport News, Virginia.

1) Learn how to use your office calendar: Once you arrive on the internship, more likely than not, your company will set you up on a laptop or computer. You will be given a company email address through a mailing system such as Outlook or Lotus notes. Your calendar is connected to your email. This is how you will set up meetings and reminders about various projects and events. Learning how to operate this calendar is pivotal to your success. Take the time to understand all of the functions of the calendar and the mailing system

2) Always carry a notepad: Carrying a notepad may be essential. You never know when a casual conversation can turn into a task or project for you. Having a notepad, no matter how small, with you at all times can be of great assistant when trying to remember essential details of the assigned task.

3) Be aware of all deadlines: Being late on an assignment as an intern is almost criminal. Utilize all tools i.e calendar, sticky notes etc so that you can pace yourself on your projects and always get them in on time.