3 Tips for Applying to Grad School

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3 Tips for Applying to Grad School

This blog was written by Campus Ambassador Laura Notorangelo, a Business Communication major from Arizona State University.

Have you decided to get your masters degree? Before you apply, make sure to extensively research your career path to determine if the student debt and extra school is worth it. For some students, simply getting a professional certificate is a more financially realistic and timely option. But if you have a clear and precise idea of your target major and mission, follow this fantastic timeline for graduate school preparation.

Rule no. 1: Be picky when applying!
Graduate school applications are costly and time consuming. Ergo, apply to two “safety” schools that you can easily get into, two “match” schools whose admissions requirements correlate with your test scores, and one “reach” school that requires slightly higher test scores. Ultimately, categorizing your target schools eliminates the spending of superfluous fees for extra applications.

Rule no. 2: Talk to the professors
Once you choose your target schools, research and reach out to the professors in the appropriate departments. This brilliant strategy will connect you to important faculty and help get your questions answered. You will also have the best chance to put together the strongest possible application when the faculty clearly senses your determination and purpose.

Rule no. 3: Practice, practice, practice!
An urban myth is that your relationships with the graduate school professors are more important than exceptional GRE, GMAT, MCAT or LSAT scores. But competition for graduate school is at an all time high, and great test scores are critical to your application. The more you develop your test-taking habits, the better you will do!
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