3 Tips to Get Noticed In Your Internship

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3 Tips to Get Noticed In Your Internship

This post was written by guest blogger Melissa Adan a Boadcast Journalism major at Boston University and intern for CBS4 Miami. Follow her on Twitter: @xomelissaadan

You have landed your dream internship-- Congrats! It’s your first few weeks and you have successfully begun to learn the ropes-- props to you! However, a few weeks into your internship and it seems as if those working around you don’t even notice you’re there. It’s time to upgrade your radar on the office map. Here are some tips that make acing your internship a breeze.

1) Subject matters.
Feeling out of the loop in the office? A little confused about what’s going on, since you’re not a part of the mass e-mails going out every second? Don’t hesitate; you can catch yourself up to speed by doing some homework. And the assignments are simple.

First, read up on your company. By educating yourself on what’s going on can begin to make you feel more in the loop. Also, don’t forget your fundamentals as fun as social media can be knowing the building blocks of your company is a sure key to useful knowledge and an impressive intern.

2) Fashion forward.
Dress for the job you want. That is the best advice to ever be told. The company you are working for will want you to represent them if you are looking presentable.

Aside from dressing in the right season, and appropriate colors- remember this: It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

3) Say Hello!
If you are trying to make any impression during your internship you have to speak up so, just say hi! By greeting others in the workroom and learning their names, suddenly places you on some sort of map of work world existence. That manager you said hi to will now have a better chance of assigning you some sort of task because guess what- they know you’re there!

Make it a point when walking across the office to say hi to those walking by you and swing by the cubicles too, you never know who you might run into.

Finally, don’t be shy because it is pretty likely that those you look up to were once interns too.

All in all, everyone should strive to maintain a weekly update with your internship coordinator they are the ones that approved your acceptance. If you are not having the experience you expected speak up to your internship coordinator. Also be sure to let them know if the internship is exceeding your expectations!