3 Tips for Your Virtual Internship

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3 Tips for Your Virtual Internship

This blog post is written by guest blogger Joshlyn Willis.

Before you read any further, I’d just like to say congrats on successfully landing your virtual internship! However for those who don’t know, a virtual internship is much like a normal internship because it can provide you with the basics like projects and experience, only key difference is that you can do most of the work on the computer and communicate via Skype. Now that you’re informed and/or you’ve nabbed the job what should be your next move?

Learn the rules of the game! The Big 3: Dress Code, Location and Punctuality.

Dress Code- There is a common misconception about virtual internships and their dress code… that you don’t have to dress up! Well depending on the culture of the company that you’re interning at, they might have a specific dress code in which case you should ask prior to your first meeting via Skype. Even though they might say casual or come as you are, make sure you are always professional and polished, no ripped jeans or too much skin showing. You are there to work not distract, besides your clothes say a lot about you and if they can take you seriously.
I suggest collared or button down shirts, dress pants or knee length skirts. This gives you room to add your own personal style to your work wardrobe.

Location- If you’re living on campus during this internship finding space alone might be tricky but not impossible. Location is important aspect to this process because the last thing you want is noisy roommates or random people walking around during your meeting. So take great care in picking a space to conduct the meetings. Now before you go for the obvious choice i.e. the library, just be mindful of the fact that many people frequent the library and go there for the quiet. So your next option is to book a study space either in your dorm or somewhere else on campus. This ensures your privacy during these conference calls.

Punctuality- Last but certainly not least is punctuality, I cannot stress enough how important it is to be on time. However with a virtual internship it’s a tad tricky. Why? Time zones, what might be 6:15 p.m. central are really 7:15 p.m. eastern. It’s the little things that could possibly result in termination from your internship. So do yourself a favor and confirm times so there is no confusion.