3 Ways To Amp Up Your Internship Personal Style

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3 Ways To Amp Up Your Internship Personal Style blog image

3 Ways To Amp Up Your Internship Personal Style

This blog post was written by Aviance Washington, our Campus Ambassador from the University of Southern California. She is currently studying Public Relations and aspires to work in fashion PR. Follow her on Twitter @AviAvi_K.

There comes a time when we all find ourselves at a standstill with our personal style. Especially at internships, it may be difficult to figure out how to add individuality to professional dress. Here are a few ways that you can erase those feelings of drabness and allow your personality to shine through!

Nail Polish: With the rise in nail art and experimentation, there are so many fun and different shades of nail polish that you can wear without looking tacky. Instead of reaching for your normal nudes and pinks at the nail shop, try a pale green or blue. You just might like it!

Jewelry: Sometimes it’s easier to just stick to stud earrings and other minimal jewelry at your internships in order to avoid looking over-the-top. However, many retailers like ASOS are now offering ways to add some cute factor to your smaller accessories with things like unique studs, ring sets and more.

Accessories and other little things: From scarves to phone covers to laptop cases to reusable water bottles, there are so many little items that we use daily that can also double as a way to further express your personal style. Etsy.com has a bunch of small businesses that sell these kinds of products. Best of all, these unique items are a professional but noticeable way to add a touch of your personality to your internship ensembles.