3 Ways to Get your Dream Summer Job

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3 Ways to Get your Dream Summer Job

This post was written by Madison Elliott, our Quinnipiac University Campus Ambassador and Public Relations Major. Follow her on Twitter: @_MaddieRose

Don’t miss out on a dream summer job just because you may not have scored your dream internship. Stay on top of your employment opportunities this summer by staying organized. Now that you’re in college, finding a summer job to be able to put on a resume is key! In order to land that summer job, a few personable tips can go a long way in the hiring process. These tips will be useful if you're going through employment agencies or finding jobs online.Taught to me by the Intern Queen Lauren herself, these three tips to the top helped her and myself secure a job that can go much farther than just another job on my resume:

1. Hand in your application within a day of getting it (either printing it offline or getting it from the store).

2. Always try to give your application to the manager, not just another employee. It makes you look more interested and serious about working there.

3. Call a week after handing in the resume, never leave it up to them to call you. Most companies wait to see how interested a person is by the phone call they receive exactly a week later.

Stay organized this summer with all your job applications no matter how bad or not you want it. People remember professionalism and making connections along the way even if you don’t land a job could help your out in the future!